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About the webcomic

Genre : High fantasy, adventure

Echo is a mute young woman who wants to search for her father, who disapeared a long time ago. She lives in the kingdom of Taranis and in the main castle of the kingdom as the child of a great warrior. But a war is about to begin...

I began the webcomic in august 2012. I am a member of a challenge named BD et Paillettes. The aim is to realize one page and one illustration per week. It's quite a hard challenge, and by the number of pages, you can easilly tell that I failed a lot of time. But this challenge made me a lot of improvements, members are really nice and always try to help others.

This webcomic is an english version of the french one. If you are french, you can read it here. The translation is made by Ankerstilte.


About the author

I'm Getsu, a french illustrator. I live in France, where I did videogames studies. I love drawing, and obviously I'm also a videogame player. I enjoy mythology. All these ingredients made me drawing Echo.

I'm a comic amateur, since I began comics in 2012.

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